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Our Sustainability

At Twist & Tango, we take social and environmental responsibility. This is important to our continued profitability and growth and to working for a more sustainable fashion industry. We are working with suppliers that are members of BSCI – Business Social Compliance Initiative. This organization helps to control that our suppliers have a sustainable work environment and a good ethical approach.

And of course, when making decisions about shipping, warehouse location, and freight, we always choose the most socially and environmentally friendly option.

Our collections are designed for longevity and focus on sustainability in all aspects. We have committed by the signature expression “What goes around, comes around.” Since 2014 we have made the conscious decision to work with sustainable materials, and we are continuously working towards increasing these options in our collections.

Even in the small details, we have used the sustainable option, as all the neck labels are now made from Recycled Polyester. When you buy a Twist & Tango garment, you can also be confident that even the wrapping and packaging are developed with minimal environmental impact. Read more about our Sustainable materials HERE.

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